Saturday, February 13, 2010

oh, february how cruel thou art

i don't know what it is about this month. it stinks!!!!! for the past six years it has stunk up this girl's life anyway. i've never been a big valentine's day fan and maybe it is cupid's curse upon me, but this february has been epically, spectacularly, entirely shitsville. one for the history books... march 13th will be eagerly awaited, and looked forward to like never before.
in the mean time the doctor has prescribed pearl jam turned up to 11, blaring the smiths, radiohead, tegan and sara, damien rice, a little quiet joni mitchell, a karaoke dance party of one to the ting tings, and a healthy dose of chocolate.
count down to the the renaissance of my life sans ball n chain... t-minus 27 days

in the mean time some lovely snaps of studio choo's. oh, how i've felt like lil' boy all week. and btw break-ups suck.

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